I don’t believe in astrology. This is probably not the statement that you’d expect to read on an ‘Astrology service’ page, but it is true and honest. I don’t believe in Astrology because astrology is not a belief system. A natal chart is a map to our inner world. It can show strong and weak points, it can highlight the areas of life that need more attention to grow, and it can shine light into those dark corners of the psyche that we really wouldn’t want to go exploring. As an astrologer, I offer my help in facilitating a deeper understanding of your inner world to help you truly blossom.


Mindfulness is the simple human ability to be fully present and aware of the world, without and within. Mindfulness is the quality of openness to possibilities in every moment. Of being non-judgemental, and being able to respond to life, rather than blindly react. Mindfulness is not a trend or 10 min meditation with an app, but it’s a way of life, like healthy eating or body training. In my practice I use mindfulness, which helps me facilitate a safe and non-judgemental space while working with clients. A quality of awareness and insight based dialogue helps us communicate openly, and with trust. I also share mindfulness techniques and meditations with clients to help their work and develop healthy habits.


Coaching is a technique that I use to help support you when you’re ready for the next stage of your journey. By providing training and guidance, I aspire to help you manage your personal changes. We work together to make sure that you’re taking your first steps in a new direction with an ally next to you.

How do I work?

In my practice I blend all of these techniques to provide a more holistic approach to your needs. In short:


Astrology is a map that helps us see opportunities, roadblocks and upcoming weather patterns so you can make an informed decision and prepare for your journey ahead.


Coaching helps put goals and steps together to assist with any actions that we’d like to take to transform our patterns and improve our everyday life.


Mindfulness underlines everything I do. It is the quality of the net that holds all of this together, in a gentle awareness of the moment, helping us respond to the challenges and opportunities presented in the chart without reacting from a place of fear, worry or shame. I also use mindfulness techniques to give you support in coaching sessions.


If you would like to book a session, or have any questions, feel free to drop me an email. I’d be happy to chat and go into further detail.