• Monika Anna

Morning coffee and fairy-tale thoughts

Over a morning coffee I was chatting to a work colleague about my hubby: how we met, how long we’ve been together etc. What struck me most during this conversation was her comment: “aww, I love fairy tales and romantic stories. Maybe one day I will have my own fairy tale romance.”

It was a really sweet and genuine comment, however my first reaction was “we never had a fairy tale! He did not sweep me off my feet and it wasn’t a ball.”

I was surprised by my emotional reaction and sat with this feeling of uneasiness while my coffee was getting cold. It’s the 21st century and deep down we all yearn for that romantic story and hope that one day Prince Charming will come and save us. I can count quite a few numbers of frogs that I kissed, hoping they will magically turn into everything I ever wanted.

Life is not a fairy-tale, but it is magical!

I had a look at those sugar-coated stories of Disney Princesses and realised none of them had it easy.

- Pretty Woman had a tough job

- Cinderella had years of hard labour and emotional abuse

- Snow White had to flee her home because of the fear for her wellbeing

- Beauty and the Beast had to fight both their own insecurities and their own temper, to discover the beauty that lies underneath

It was a difficult road before they met their Prince. I believe the beauty that the Prince felt in love with, was the light inside of them. Light that shone through from deep within, from their values and strength of character. Despite all the hardship they all stay kind, gentle and loving. Life didn’t turned them into cynical and sarcastic creatures.

My love story happened the moment I decided to take care for myself, to improve the relationship with my own soul. I began to practice kindfulness and search not for love outside but within me. That changed me into a more open and hopeful person, and when I met my Hubby, I was ready for an adventure without sugar-coated expectations.

My hubby is nothing like what I wanted, and everything that I needed and more! He taught me of my heart’s true desires and helped me to follow them. He worked (really hard for the first couple of years!) with me to create a wonderful life together and then magic happened.

My friend’s response to her mum’s comment sums up my beliefs as well:

Friend’s mum: “you got lucky getting such a good husband

My friend: “mum, it’s not a f**king lottery, I’ve chosen him”

Fairy tales don’t just happen. We have to go on an adventure, make ourselves vulnerable and trust ourselves in the process, then deep inside the dark forest or busy city or crowded plane, we meet that one person that will work with us to make our everyday life magical.

Go and choose your Prince and made your own story, your own magical fairy tale!


“Without darkness, nothing comes to birth,
As without light, nothing flowers.”

May Sarton

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