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Difficult transits and how to deal with them

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Transits are like waves in the ocean, they come and go. Like a wave they can gently wash a shell to the shore or they can sweep us off our feet and pull us into the depths of the ocean. Astrology is a wonderful tool that helps us see those waves rising before they will reach the shore, we can see how long it will last and when it will go back to the ocean. What we cannot predict with astrology is whether this wave will gently touch our feet, will bring us to our knees or if it will drag us down into the depths of the ocean when we will have to fight for each breath. With the unknown it’s very easy to imagine the worst case scenario. We all see that Kraken lurking in the depthz of our mind and we are afraid that the new wave will bring it up to the surface. We are all guilty of doing that at one time or another. It’s human, it’s natural and it’s also very detrimental to our mental health. One of the most popular transits that brings the fear of the gods in people’s hearts is Saturn Return. Before my Saturn Return, I would have all sorts of apocalyptic scenarios in my head! I heard so many terrible stories about this transit that I expected anything from a break up of my relationship, through being fired, to possibly even ending up in a hospital (due to a placement of my Saturn). Every time I was thinking of this upcoming transit I had my stomach in knots! As it happened my Saturn return helped me crystallised so many plans that I was working on. It helped me build foundations of my new life in UK, gave me an incredible boost at work. That was one of the best years I’ve had in my life! From then on I started looking at transits in a different light. A post on one Facebook group inspired me to share some of my tips on how to deal with potentially difficult transits. Firstly - I try to remind myself that each planet and sign has a positive and negative side, so “difficult” transits are not exclusive to malefic planets. We can go through a very difficult Jupiter transit and have a positive experience of Saturn. We need to realise that in astrology, like anywhere in life, we are affected by negative bias, which means that we tend to skew towards negative interpretation and worse case scenarios. What helps me keep my focus is journaling. When I have a powerful transit approaching I do two things: I write all the positive aspects of the planet in question and all the benefits this transit can bring. (e.g. Saturn can help manifest things, make dreams a reality; Jupiter can bring optimism and fortunate/auspicious meetings; Pluto can help go deeper in relationships/studies/work to uncover authenticity rather than just concentrate on surface level; Mars can teach about assertiveness and importance of saying “no” etc.) This list does not have to be perfect. The key is to re-orientate ourselves towards beneficial lessons an upcoming transit can bring and help us re-focus our attention and realise there is more to that planet/transit that sits in our head. The second thing I do is I visualise myself during/just after the transit. How will I feel? I picture myself calm, happy, fulfilled, excited etc. (no details here, just the feeling of how I’d like to feel if this transit will turn out to be a positive one). This does take a bit of practice as my mind keeps going back to the “doom and gloom” but I find that this does helps me breathe a bit deeper and make me less tense. Having 5/10 min journaling and breathing practice daily before approaching transits helps me stay balanced and focus my attention on how I can work with this wave. “Whatever is rejected from the self, appears in the world as an event.” - One of my favourite quotes of C.G.Jung could be applied to transits. I believe that our transits do not have to manifest in the outside world at all, if we have a capacity to work through them internally. The main reason for transits in my opinion is to help us grow, learn and ultimately awake, so the moment I can calm my nerves and bring peace to my frantic thoughts I try a more proactive approach. As astrologers we have the benefit of knowledge of the upcoming transit therefore we can prepare ourselves. I understand that with some planets it might be easier than with others (I’m actually awaiting a powerful Uranus transit, myself) however there is always something to do – for Saturn transit – maybe a solitary retreat? For Pluto maybe a workshop or a call with a therapist, for Uranus – expect the unexpected – try something new in the area of life that Uranus is visiting? Have a look at your chart, your houses affected by this transit, aspects to other planets and try to look for a pattern/theme? This can be a clue of what needs to come to light of your consciousness.

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