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New Moon in Aquarius - internal revolution

Dear Tribe,

As we approach a New Moon at 4 degrees Aquarius, I thought I would share some steps for your New Moon wishes / Vision Board setting.

The New Moon on Friday is linked with Chiron and Uranus. For me these aspects read revolutionary thinking, liberating our thinking to get more in tune with our values, and an opportunity to look with a clear, open mind at our wounds, so they can be healed.

The Solar Eclipse in December was not a great time to make plans and set goals for future months. But the New Moon in Aquarius is a perfect opportunity to start 2020 fresh, with a clear vision of internal revolution.

This Friday evening and 2 more days after the New Moon is a perfect time to create a New Moon wish or a Vision Board.

Below, I put together a few steps that can help with this process:


• Soft music

• A candle

• Notebook

• Magazines / photos / items that mean something to you


1. TIME - Give yourself time. It doesn't matter if it’s 30 mins or an hour. Turn off the phone, turn off the intercom. It is important that you’ll dedicate time to this task and won’t get distracted by other duties.

2. PEACE - Sit down peacefully with a lit candle. Focusing on the flame will help you center and go within.

3. MUSIC - Play some gentle music (preferable without words, i.e.classical or meditation music, so that the lyrics won’t distract you).

4. BREATH - Take 10 deep breaths.

a) Inhale - imagine inhaling the golden light.

b) Exhale - imagine exhaling stress and muscle tension.

5. PLAN - List your 2020 plans in a notebook.

You can draw them.

Or stick photos or clippings from the category.


1. They have to be CONCRETE. If you don't know what you want, how will you know when you get it?

Record what you WANT to achieve, not HOW you will achieve it.

Example: "this year I’m traveling to beautiful and exotic places", instead of writing "this year I want money for travel".

2. Write in the PRESENT time. The subconscious does not know the past or future, so whatever you plan, write as if you already have it, achieved it etc.

Example: "I have a job that I find fulfilling and love, and for which I am very well paid", instead of "I will find a good job"

3. FEELINGS - imagine how you will feel when your plan will come true.

Imagine your feelings, how relaxed or excited or joyful or loved or calm you’ll feel in the moment.

Our plans cannot remain only in our heads! We must really feel them in our hearts too!

4. VIBRATION - read your plans aloud so that vibration goes into the Universe.

5. CO-CREATE - Be a co-creator with the Universe.

You have visualized what you want to achieve and saturated it with feelings before sending it to the Universe. Now how will you co-create your dreams? What windows and doors will you open so the Universe can fulfill your needs?

This is a part when you look at each wish you’ve noted down and you break it down into small goals/steps that you can take to open windows of opportune moments.


Whatever your spiritual practice is, ask for a Blessing, so that your Will and the Divine Will are aligned.

6. BELIEVE that these plans will come true and then they will come true. Faith moves mountains. Keep your notebook or piece of paper in a safe place for the future, because it is worth seeing what has worked out over time

Have fun and enjoy this new, fresh start.

May your deepest dreams manifest in Beauty!

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