How do i work?

In my practice I blend all of these techniques to provide a more holistic approach to your needs. In short:


Astrology is a map that helps us see opportunities, roadblocks and upcoming weather patterns so you can make an informed decision and prepare for your journey ahead.


Coaching helps put goals and steps together to assist with any actions that we’d like to take to transform our patterns and improve our everyday life.


Mindfulness underlines everything I do. It is the quality of the net that holds all of this together, in a gentle awareness of the moment, helping us respond to the challenges and opportunities presented in the chart without reacting from a place of fear, worry or shame. I also use mindfulness techniques to give you support in coaching sessions.


If you would like to book a session, or have any questions, feel free to drop me an email. I’d be happy to chat and go into further detail.

Price List

Natal chart reading - £74 for 75 min session


Coaching (based on the natal chart reading)  - £54 for 45 min session

I offer bundles that help support you while you take your first mindful steps on this journey

Bundle 1 - Natal chart session and 2 follow up coaching sessions - £175


Bundle 2 - Natal chart session and 5 follow up coaching sessions =£320

Bundle 3 - Natal chart session and 8 follow up coaching sessions =£500